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Faro, June 14, 2014,
Mundialito Color & Color Bike

Montegordo, August 9, 2014,
Mundialito Color

Lagoa, August 31, 2014,
Mundialito Color & Color Bike

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MundialitoColor has go substantial differences with other similar events. It is a social and sportive event scheduled to go over the main cities of the world and of all continents. It is a fantastic experience where people share fun with family and friends, from 0 to 99 years old, either athletes or not. Everybody can participate: children, teens, adults, grandparents and people with special needs. A great popular event whose objective is fun for all. A race without competition or stop watches where the winner is the one who enjoys the most. People will be bathed with color powders while they are running, jumping, dancing and laughing along 5,2 km with good music. At the arrival point there will a great party full of music, colors, a DJ, shows, dancing and presents. It is foreseen that a famous artist or an international top DJwill perform in big cities.

Registration fees include for participants the possibility of winning a new brand car or a prize in cash that will be raffled with their back numbers

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