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Events 2015

Monte Gordo, August 8, 2015,
Mundialito Color
A Carnival of Colors
7 PM.

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Contents of the race

The race run is 5,2 km long without any type of difficulty, it will be a flat and even path. We believe that this an ideal distance for any person, either athletes or not, who has the ideal age (0-99). There is not an age limit to take part in our races. Everybody who wishes to doit, can take part in MundialitoColor Tour or MundialitoColor Bike. We count on an estimated participation of about 5.000 to 10.000 people per edition in small cities and about 15.000 to 20.000 participants in big cities.

When registering, all participants will be supplied with the “runner´s bag” that contains a T-shirt, the back number and a package of color powder to be thrown at the closing party. With the back number each runner will take part in a raffle of either a new brand car or a prize in cash.

There will be a DJ and volunteers who will throw color powders to participants at each kilometric point. Also, there will be a Top DJ at the finish line who will do his best to make people enjoy good music to assure fun for all. Color powders thrown during the run and at the end of the race will provide the funny environment we want all people to enjoy. An unforgettable experience!

Remember that MundialitoColor is a popular race-march and Mundialito Bike is a cycling race: two different races with the same dynamics of organization, music, color powders and a lot of amusement.

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